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Audi A5 OEM Parts and Accessories

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The Audi A5 is compact executive coupe. Produced by the renown German car maker, the Audi A5 was released in 2007 with a 2-door and four-door variations. With the sleek coupe body style and attractive luxury interiors, it sports both an automatic and manual transmission with the options for an I4, V6, and V8 engines. The Autoblog write-up for the 2018 Audi A5 lists several of the sports coupe's performance feats and trim option differences.

Keep Your Audi A5 Running at Optimal Levels of Performance

Your Audi can last and perform well beyond 150,000 miles. If you plan on keeping your Audi investment for the long term, or you've recently purchased a use model and require parts, our online Audi parts distributor has the match for your model trim. From replacement brake parts to engine pieces like air filters and spark plugs. You can also locate new accessory add-ons like roof racks that boost your carrying capability.

Pick Audi A5 Parts & Accessories for Repairs & Replacements

There is no easier way to get genuine OEM Audi parts to your front door than by choosing our online Audi parts distributor. We've marked our auto parts below the MSRP so that our customers can save money. Our nationwide shipping works fast too so expect a timely delivery of your new Audi parts. Have questions? No worries. Let's chat about it. Feel free to reach out on our contact page for a speedy response.